OpenWall Camí de Can Mora Barcelona

  • Address: Camí de Can Mora, 2
  • Transport: Metro: el coll teixonera
  • Manages:
  • Hours: 24 hours.
  • Type of authorization: Nominal and with expiration date.
  • Authorisations issued: 47 authorisations.

Fill the form to download your authorisation to paint.

Name and Surname

Must be the same as on your identification document (passport, driving licence, national ID card ...)
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Date of authorization
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Accept the conditions

I'll observe…

  • Do not paint out of space designed.
  • Carry the permission when you are painting.
  • Leave the area clean when finished.
  • In no case will it be allowed to include messages of a political nature, which encourage violence or that may hurt the sensitivity of citizens.
  • Interventions that include elements related to incitement to hatred, discrimination and the objectification of people and collectives, or the promotion of people, entities or companies, will not be allowed.
Camí de Can Mora

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